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The tabulator is expected work in a team environment to ensure the integrity of the scoring and competition and assists the Adjudicators and Competition Director in verifying and ensuring accurate entry of scores and that the ranking for each overall section is correct.

Adjudication happens in a fast-paced environment. The tabulator works in collaboration with the Competition Director to ensure consistency in the scoring, verifying that commentaries are being recorded and will provide feedback to adjudicators of abnormalities or a missed score.

It is the role of the Tabulator to prepare all the overall list for review by the Competition Director and Adjudicators. Once approved, the overall becomes part of the awards package for the events Host/Hostess. Along with the list of Adjudication Recognition, this will be prepared and provided to the Host/Hostess for the award ceremony at the competition of each awards session.


  • Verify correct entry of scores;
  • Ensure adjudicator recording of commentaries;
  • Organise adjudications for awards sessions;
  • Prepare overalls for review and award sessions; and,
  • Help distribute the awards.


  • Background in dance industry;
  • Excel at working with numbers;
  • Ability to work in face-paced environment;
  • Experience with general computer software; and,
  • Experience using Mac computer.

  • Demonstrated ability to learn;
  • Ability to work within a team environment;
  • Ability to travel; and,
  • Willing to work long days as required.

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