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Photographers work in close collaboration with the Competition Director, Lighting Technician and Videographer to shoot images for each routine in the competition. You are responsible for ensuring that memories of each performance include photos of opening and end poses, as well as shots of dance manoeuvres that best captures the choreography of the routine.

You are expected to combine your training and experience shooting in low light and action photography to ensure quality images. For the safety and protection of dancers and choreography, we do not permit imaging in the theatre. You are responsible for capturing images of the performances for studios, dancers and their families.

You will need to be comfortable using Lightroom and have knowledge and experience shooting tethered. You will log the images via Lightroom for each routine to a connected shared external drive. It allows our team to upload the photos so patrons can view them online.

You will also be required to assist in the load-in and load-out of the events. Primarily, to select the best location for shooting, provide test shots to the Competition Director and ensure camera equipment and network connectivity is working. On the out, to ensure everything related to your job is packed securely for transport to the next event.


  1. Photograph each routine;
  2. Log images in Lightroom (tethered);
  3. Photograph elements of the event as directed; and,
  4. Communicate with team any issues;


  • Certification in photography;
  • Proficiency with Macbook;
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom;
  • Experience shooting tethered; and,
  • Experience shooting in low light, action, and sports;

  • Demonstrated ability to photograph action and sports subjects;
  • Competent in tethering camera and sharing images;
  • Capable of working in team environment;
  • Ability to travel; and,
  • Willing to work long days as required.

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